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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2011 6:52 am

Please consider the following rules. If you break a rule, you get an admonishment. If you achieve three ones, we will ban you.

The rules :


• Do not act rude and behave friendly. Treat the others like you want them to treat you.

• Stay on track. Do not digress from the topic of the thread.

• Avoid double threads or posts. Threads, which appear twice, will be closed. Please check first, if the thread, you're about to create, might already exists.

• Prevent write posts, which contain only a word or a smiley.

• Your username must include a first name and a last name of a person out of the Vampire Diaries. You can also create a fictional character.

• We have an USK16 rating. If we find out you're younger than 16, we'll delete you.


• You have to write at least 500 signs, write in past tense and first-person narrator.

• 4 virtual days in 1 real month. So in a real week, we play a virtual day. The first two days in a week are morning, the following three days are noon and the last two days are night. On the left side you can see a modul, which shows you, in which timezone we're playing.

• When your character changes the place, write tbc ( to be continued ) and the place where your character wants to go. When your character comes from a different place, write pp ( previous ppost ) and the place where your character comes from.

• Please keep the order, when you're posting with more than two persons.

• If your chracter speaks a different language than English, you have to color it.
- French (blue)
- German (red)
- Italian (green)
- Spanish (orange)
- Bulgarian (yellow)
- Russian (cyan)

Your character

• Please write and application an wait then for the two okay's and if you got them, you can post a characteristic of yourself. Users, who didn't post an application for a week, will be deleted.

• Wait for an admin to create a thread with your name in "Everything for your charcter". There you put the private stuff of your chracter, for example diary, cell phone or album.

• A second character is allowed, but you have to mention it in your application. You can have maximum 3 characters. ( If you read the rules, you might be able to answer this little question. It's a little proof, you really have read them. Send yourt answer in a PM to an admin. : "It's okay to love them both." -Who said this to whom and who was around?)

• An Avatar is obligation and you can add a signature, but you don't have to. In your application you have to write who you use as your avatar.
Size for your avatar max. 200x300
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