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Damon Salvatore

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PostSubject: Storyline.   Storyline. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2011 11:02 pm

Mystic Falls, 2010. The little town in Virginia has seen a lot of trouble the last few months.
Trouble, love, mystery and supernatural. Just, when everybody thought, their life calmed finally,
new hazards overtake Mystic.
The Originals decided to visit Elena Gilbert, since she is the new Petrova doppelganger.
And with them Klaus. He planed to break the curse and become a full hybrid.
Elena sacrificed herself and saved the most of her friends and family, except of Jenna.
And so Klaus became a full hybrid, Elena survived by an offering from John,
Damon by the cure, Klaus gave to Katherine and Stefan.. who had to pay a high price for a small bottle.

Our play starts right after 2x22 As I lay dying. But we won't follow the whole actions in the series, we will write our own story right here Wink

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